SavvyTech From Saviesa

Welcome to the future with Saviesa SavvyTech. There are new and modern ways to get organised in your kitchen. Smart ways to be efficient while cooking. SavvyTech from Saviesa is a whole new world of discipline in the kitchen that saves you time and energy. SavvyTech is set to blaze a trail in the modular kitchen industry, and here is your chance to be the trendsetter.

SS bottom and back, available in high and low height backs. Suitable for Blum, Grass and Hettich drawers.

  • Optimum utilisation of space with custom-designed storage containers.
  • Systematic organisation of cutlery, plates, bowls,pots and pans.
  • Special attachments for plate stacker, knife holders, cling film / aluminium foil and SS canister sets.
  • Highlights available in Beechwood in 2 finishes - Natural and Walnut. Also available in White Corian.

Drawer Organisers

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